About Us


DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd is an infrastructure, advisory, and project management company that was established in the year 2007 under the original name of ROL Consulting & Projects Managers. The company changed name during the course of 2013 to DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd. The firm has established two offices, one in Midrand (Johannesburg) and the other in Mafikeng in the North West Province.

DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd is a pioneer in infrastructure development and project management both in the public and private sectors. The company prides itself with staff who has managed projects of significant values either in the employ of the public/private sector or while working for DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd.

DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd takes a flexible, proactive and imaginative approach to the solution of infrastructure challenges from conceptual stage, funding to hand-over of the project including post-construction support.

Background of DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd.

DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned company that offers a range of infrastructure   consultancy   services to   the private and public sectors. The secret behind DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd has been the way we interact with our clients in facilitating infrastructure development and making use of in-house expertise to advice and problem-shoot. Our services include advising on funding, technical support, planning, design, implementation and monitoring of infrastructure programmes.

DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd. also provides of complementary property development services.Our technical teams are experts in the full project development cycle, from business plan, funding, project management, construction management, and post implementation support.


DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd provides quality professional services in infrastructure facilitation and management, develops pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, conducts planning, design, manages construction for infrastructure projects, and facilitates funding for implementation of infrastructure programmes by providing innovative solutions in order to improve the socio-economic conditions and quality of lives of communities we serve.

Vision / Values

To achieve excellence in infrastructure management, through best practice, ethical practice, simplicity and diversity in the built environment.


DIKOMOLA Projects (Pty) Ltd is committed to bringing optimal infrastructure solutions to clients. Our approach helps our clients realize their goals and objectives in a way they never imagined. In order to do so, we keep in mind the five most important success factors in the South African infrastructure environment, that is; Identify, Engage, Advise, Facilitate, Support, Evaluate (I-E-A-F-S-E).